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15 January 2019

Associations between secret-keeping and quality of life in older adults

01 April 2014

The Relations Between Secrecy, Rejection Sensitivity and Autonomy-Connectedness

01 January 2018

Het Geheimen protocol

15 June 2013

Personality Psychology

19 September 2013

Psychological Characteristics of BDSM Practitioners

07 March 2013

Wanneer transparantie zilver is, wordt zwijgen goud

16 January 2013

Measurement invariance of the Illness Invalidation Inventory (3*I) across language, rheumatic disease, and gender

18 June 2015

Mensenlief, het einde van de professional is in zicht!

21 October 2016

Doceren? Mooi vak!

25 December 2008

Disseny del portfolios per a incrementar la motivació acadèmica i convergir amb l'EES

24 June 2008

Do neuroticism and extraversion explain the negative association between self-concealment and subjective well-being?

01 July 2008

A Comparative Study of the Dimensionality of the Self-Concealment Scale Using Principal Components Analysis and Mokken Scale Analysis

11 September 2009

Geheimen. De psychologie van wat we niet vertellen

15 July 2010

Emoties in de geneeskunde

14 January 2010

Quality of Life-Related Concepts: Theoretical and Practical Issues

18 October 2011

Is it bad to have secrets? Cognitive preoccupation as a toxic element of secrecy1

15 May 2009

Is the negative association between self-concealment and subjective well-being mediated by mood awareness?

02 June 2012

Lifeguards and Physically Risky Prosocial Groups:A comparison based on personality theory

23 December 2011

Self-concealers: Do they conceal what we always assumed they do?

25 December 2011

Self-concealment and secrecy. Assessment and associations with subjective well-being

14 June 2012

Dimensionality Analysis of the Thought Suppression Inventory: Combining EFA, MSA, and CFA

12 June 2009

Het effect van actieve coping in protocollaire behandeling

14 September 2007

De emotionele belasting van geheimen

10 September 2005

The Use of Virtual Reality and Audiovisual Eyeglass Systems as Adjunct Analgesic Techniques: A Review of the Literature

04 September 2004

Virtuele realiteit en audiovisuele afleiding als methoden van pijnbestrijding bij medische procedures: mogelijkheden en beperkingen

28 September 2005

Consensual Validity Parameters of the Zuckerman–Kuhlman Personality Questionnaire: Evidence From Self-Reports and Spouse Reports

01 September 2002

Applying personality theory to a group of police bodyguards: a physically risky prosocial prototype?